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upgraded to eLock the biometric lock.

Get rid of the cumbersome keychain that can be easily lost or forgotten, and switch to the easiest and most convenient solution Elock.

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Hi, we are Elock, here you can find the best solution for biometric locking. Installation is fast, easy and using the lock is very user friendly. We have 2 kinds of locks which can fit and budget. Our goal is to help you from dependent on a keychain that can get forgotten or lost and you wont be able to enter you morst personal space, your home!

This is why we create Elock the best fingerprint biometric lock in the world.

It's time for a real solution

The best fingerprint lock in the world

Fits any door

The lock locks can be installed on any existing door

More secure

The key is your fingerprint that will never get lost

More comfortable

Get lost of the heavy and cumbersome keychain

Peace of mind

Brings back your sense of security and improves your quality of life

User Friendly

Easy to operate, full control at your fingertips at any time

Save Money

No more days cloning keys or calling a locksmiths

More relient

Production control and top of the notch quality control

Compatable Key

A mechanism for Sabbath-keepers accompanied by a mechanical key


Customer Care

Our team will be happy to demonstrate to you how our locks work and will be happy to give you a comprehensive explanation of how to operate and maintain them. All the information on the site is accessible on the iPad or mobile, for any question or explanation, contact us at 1700-70-70-41 24/7. We will be happy to help.

It helped them, and it can help you too

Listen to what our customers have to tell you.

Anyone who does not have a fingerprint lock does not understand the convenience and release from the key, I have both at home and at work, not worrying when the children are coming and whether they took a key or not.

Danny Keren

I am not inclined to praise easily but thank you very much for the excellent service, fast and professional how fun it is to not need keys! Reliable, cheap and good product, strongly recommend.

Roy Amar

This amazing product saved my home! My daughter spoke to me on the phone and was not feeling well until she passed out and there was no one home, immediately i called the neighbor and gave her the code.

Sharon Tours

Since installing the lock it is much easier to leave the house without worrying about taking the key, very practical when going to a gym or going to the beach.

Erez Ashkenazi
Rosh Ha Ein

Highly Recommended, we have the lock for a few years and I do not need to remind my children to take a key every time they leave the house.

Yaffa Mardan

It's so fun to finally to get rid of the chunky keychain. It is very convenient if there are children in the house who are constantly losing them.

Keren Bakshi

From the Press

Everyone is talking about elock. Read for yourself ...

Replace the lock

It is best to replace the old lock with elock, which is accessed by fingerprint.

It's closed

You no longer need keys, Elock has developed a biometric lock that opens the door by code or by fingerprint

Biometric lock for home or office

Elock manufactures in Israel a lock that can be worn on any door in your home or in the office. You can choose between a biometric fingerprint based lock , or keypad lock.

Biometric Lock

The smart lock is suitable for all types of doors, allowing only authorized users.

The key era is over

From now on, there is no longer any need to take keys. You do not need to change the cylinder every time a child or alternatively An adult forgets or loses the key.

Personal Identification

The lock can store up to 150 different fingerprints and another 80 personal codes - all of which can be canceled by the authorized administrator.

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